Hi, I’m Peter Lynch.

Peter Lunch the creator of this website

Hang on, but the website is called Peter Lunch if my name is Peter Lynch then why is my website called Peter Lunch?

Well, there are two reasons for the name. The simple one is Peter Lynch was taken by a billionaire investor. The real reason, is that in my first job the receptionist sent a staff all email looking for Peter Lunch, only there were no Peter Lunches at the company, just me Peter Lynch. I have been called Peter Lunch by my friends since.

So those are the reason for Peter Lunch, but what is Peter Lunch/Lynch about?

This site is home to all of my writing on productivity, programming, entrepreneurship, marketing, web development, self-education, finance, and just good old fashioned self improvement.

As I’m just starting this blog. I thought I’d give a guide on what I’m planning to host on it. This won’t just be a blog, I will publish book notes on everything I learn and take from books. It will also host some of my programming guides and tutorials.

I will be posting a new article or book notes every second Sunday.

If you want to chat or learn more you can catch me on twitter.

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