How to round to decimal places in JavaScript?

Unlike many other languages JavaScript does not offer a built-in method to round a number to a specified number of decimal places. The built in Math.round() function only rounds numbers up or down to whole numbers. So what's a coder to do? You a coder, need to round your [...]

CSS how to remove underline from link

When styling a website you may want to remove the default underline from a link, like I have in with my navbar links. Fortunately CSS offers many ways to remove the underline from a link. In this post you will learn how to remove underlines from links using CSS. [...]

CSS pseudo-elements a ridiculously simple explanation

Pseudo-elements especially ::before and ::after are so hot right now. However, lots of beginners don’t fully grasp their power. So, before you can harness their power you first need to understand how they work. When I first started working with pseudo-elements, I had no idea what I was doing [...]

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